The very few things I know for certain about myself have always been that I want to write and that I want to travel.  The dreams of writing started at a young age, a result of my constant reading.  The fault of my parents who use to bribe me to read 20 books for 20 dollars when I was just learning how to read.  I think the instant that I knew I wanted to travel was reading Anne of Ingleside.  A minor character Katherine (with a K) Brooke made the statement “I want to visit the great pyramids, I want to know they exist and not just have to trust they exist because others tell me.”  That statement has stuck with me all my life.  I wanted to know Europe, I wanted to experience Australia and I wanted to challenge myself with Kilimanjaro.  Following my freshman year in college I set off to Australia for a month with an international volunteer group, secretly throwing up in my hotel room right before leaving my parents for the airport.  It was a great adventure and it filled me with the certainty that this was going to be my life.  However, life took some detours and I was unable to leave the country again until 8 years later when I went off to East Africa to hike a mountain.  Ever since, everytime I come back from one adventure I start planning my next one.  This definitely has made me a terror to my employers, who strangely have always allowed me to run off and come back, again.  A fact I am deeply appreciative of.  This blog is being written because I have put off writing for far too long, and it’s time I start fulfilling the other half of my dream, writing.  In this blog I hope to chronicle my past and future adventures as well as tips and insights into the world of adventuring.  I hope you will find my blog to be of value to you as you prepare for your own adventures, if you have any questions feel free to message me.