Top 6 Items you didn’t think you needed (and probably don’t) while traveling/backpacking:

There are a lot of items you do not need to bring while traveling/backpacking and these are some of them.  If you aren’t carrying things on your back constantly for 15 miles at a time these items can be useful for long term travel.  

  1. LovesHold It best idea ever, whether you are using it to sneak in a flask, hiding your passport and cash from pickpockets, or just trying to keep warm this item is brilliant.  You can wear it as a scarf, as a wrap, or as a clutch and it comes in enough colors to suit anyone.  
  2. Go-Pro not really a necessary item, but hey if you have an extra $300, why not?  Why not be one of those people that document every single moment of their vacation and/or life and post it on social media.  
  3. Travel Journal the alternative to or in conjunction with the go-pro.  It honestly depends on your personality.  If you’re not a person that journals already in your life, you’ll probably forget to while on vacation and it will just be an extra item you’re stuck carrying around.  And if you’re a visual person you can just use a camera or go-pro and quickly upload all the details to your Facebook.
  4. Kindle/E-reader if you enjoy reading, you will need this.  You will have a lot of downtime traveling.  Trust me, I finished at least 8 books while traveling through Europe.  They are so light and portable, connect easily to Wi-Fi and durable.   My Nexus 7 has survived falling from being balanced while charging on a flat screen tv in Paris, with only a slight crack in the corner.
  5. Water purifier In Europe I used a simple water bottle with purifier straw.  I would have probably been safe without it, but you know you can never be too careful when it comes to diarrhea.  On the Appalachian Trail and Kilimanjaro I used a Sawyer purifier that I hooked up to my platypus hydration pack.  
  6. Compression sacks/Travel cubes.   Depending on where you are going and what you are doing will determine which of these you will need or if you need them.  I prefer the waterproof compression sacks, the ones I buy are typically water proof.  However, a recent trend are travel cubes.  For me, the traveling I do includes backpacking on wilderness trails.  As a result compressing all the things I am traveling with into the smallest space possible makes this the best option for me.  If you are backpacking Europe or not doing things with a lot of hiking or traveling without knowing where you are sleeping that night travel cubes will be appropriate.  





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