To Camera or not to Camera

This is not the great philosophical debate of our time, however there are those who say carrying around a camera at all times ready to snap a picture takes away from the experience.

The Joy of the Kayak

I bought the Oru Kayak because A.) I don’t have a lot of space/garage, B.) I tend to go on long roadtrips and sleep in my car

Surviving Sleeper Buses in Southeast Asia

In Southeast Asia, I got the joy of traveling in a lot a buses, in particular sleeper buses.  There is a lot of hate out there for sleeper buses, and a lot of that is deserved. Below you’ll read a few experiences of mine on sleeper buses. As well as, information on what to expect…

How to Cross a Land Border Stupidly

I like to think of myself as an old hand at border crossings.  I have stood in front of immigration and passport control countless times and feel like I have it down.  Unfortunately, crossing land borders is another story.  I figured crossing the border from Cambodia to Thailand would be much like crossing over from…

Preparing for International Travel

Preparing for international travel can be overwhelming at times: So much to figure out, so many things to buy, so much anxiety to overcome.