Top Scams I have run into while Traveling

While traveling it’s almost a rite of passage to be scammed or swindled or stolen from.  It’s honestly just one of the things to expect and you just have to learn to let it go when it happens.  Southeast Asia almost broke me with the number of times I was lied to, pressured into buying…

To Camera or not to Camera

This is not the great philosophical debate of our time, however there are those who say carrying around a camera at all times ready to snap a picture takes away from the experience.

The Joy of the Kayak

I bought the Oru Kayak because A.) I don’t have a lot of space/garage, B.) I tend to go on long roadtrips and sleep in my car

Surviving Sleeper Buses in Southeast Asia

In Southeast Asia, I got the joy of traveling in a lot a buses, in particular sleeper buses.  There is a lot of hate out there for sleeper buses, and a lot of that is deserved. Below you’ll read a few experiences of mine on sleeper buses. As well as, information on what to expect…

How to Cross a Land Border Stupidly

I like to think of myself as an old hand at border crossings.  I have stood in front of immigration and passport control countless times and feel like I have it down.  Unfortunately, crossing land borders is another story.  I figured crossing the border from Cambodia to Thailand would be much like crossing over from…

Preparing for International Travel

Preparing for international travel can be overwhelming at times: So much to figure out, so many things to buy, so much anxiety to overcome.